Our group:

  • Group Leader / Programer : Stam Kruajan
  • Programmer : Joni Nikander
  • Programmer : Christoffer Lövdahl
  • Programmer : Axel Eriksson
  • Programmer : Robin Berneby
  • Graphical Artist : Stefan Strandberg

Stam Kruajan is standing for the marketing part, where we decided to go with twitter, facebook, reddit, youtube and indie blogs. Where we explain what our game is about and try to get feedback of what we can do better and if this is going to work as a successful game. We are trying to promote our game as such. We have not yet gotten any responses, but will eventually come through.

The game will have 5 kinds of weapons, a pistol, shotgun, smg, raygun and a bazooka. Here is some concept art of how the weapons might look like:

Visar steapunkweapon.png

The game will also have 4 different players. Here is some concept art as well:


Visar top hat piece of shit.jpgVisar cloaked asshole.jpg

Visar dumb baby man.jpgVisar gloved twat.jpg

We also have two types of grenades, a classic grenade where you pop the splinter and it explodes after some seconds and a molotov.

Visar Molotov cocktail.png  Visar Stickgrenade.png

Here is a more precise concept art of the weapons, bazooka -> smg -> shotgun -> raygun   -> pistol. In that order.

Visar Bazooka 2.png Visar Smg.png Visar Shotgunblunderbuss.png Visar Railgun.png Visar Pistol.png

Here is an example of how the arena can look like, where a fire pit is located in the middle:

Visar Level1.png